PRAU FURNITURE-Unraveling of ideas graceful

Unique salvaged reclaimed boat wood furniture benches have been manufactured out of a combination of recycled Indonesian fishing boats and solid reclaimed teak wood. The wood for these unique chic one of a kind furniture pieces are made from old fishing boats, old homes, bridges, and other architectural treasures. The wood is naturally aged with the personality of the original wood complete with cracks, holes, nail holes that give these pieces their unique personality. No two products are ever the same, and reflect the original materials that the pieces came from. These furniture pieces are crafted in small rural seaside village on the island of Java by craftsmen that have often been making furniture for several generations.

Natural , Entice and Beautiful

One of the most durable hardwood, this is strong and sturdy, making it extremely suitable for furniture and construction. The huge trunk size, usually up to 2m in diameter, makes a wonderful design when made into a low coffee table or other furniture.

SUAR WOOD FURNITURE -Taste , Elegant of works of art

Beautiful and durable, the natural aesthetic of suar wood lends itself perfectly to various types of furniture. Sought-after for its robust strength, this wood is ideal for heavy duty projects like complex desks, large cabinets or bookshelves.