We are manufacturer and exporter of solid Suar Tables. Our vast collection consists of conference tables, dining tables, coffee tables and side tables.We currently export to retailers, wholesalers and commercial projects world-wide. Our range of Suar Tables are kiln dried and use only the best proven methods of construction giving our collection strength and durability. We also ensure that our Suar wood is from SLVK Suar wood plantations and that each item guarantees the natural warmth and beauty of its spectacular grain of which only the finest of Suar deploys.

Suar Wood Furniture


We distinguish ourselves in quality of tree trunk tables. Our tables are dried until 11-13% which is unique with this Acacia wood. Because Acacia is a soft wood type it can be dried until 20% normally, which causes mold during transport and cracks in the wood after arrival in other climates. When this wood type is not dried well enough it will crack, which is not the case with our tables. We use the ‘old’ Acacia wood which has a much better quality and can be dried much better. In combination with quality finishes we can say that we provide these Suar tables in the best possible quality and the most beautiful appearance.

Recycle Boat Furniture

Recycled Boat Furniture

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