Wholesale manufacturer of Suar Wood Slab Dining Tables, Teak Recycled wood Boat Furniture,Teak Boat Furniture, Teak wood Reclaimed Boat Furniture, Monkey Pod Wood Furniture, and Various of Suar Wood furniture. We are working to create some of the most beautiful and affordable custom made furniture for your homes, villas, hotels and gardens in the world.

Suar Wood Furniture is produced by using Suar Wood  material for an exotic and uniqueness performance of indoor and outdoor furniture. We process it at first by kiln dry process to reduce the risks on the moisture content (wood humidity) of  the wood which can cause the extreme cracks of wood moving and bad finishing that make the performance of the goods to be worst for customers. Our MC (moisture content) standard could be reached under 20% -25% for 10 cm thickness. Please, contact us if you need dried well and quality Suar wood furniture on us.

Derived from the intriguing suar wood slabs, also known as monkeypod tree, hails from Thailand , Latin America and Indonesia. When introduced to a region, the Monkeypod tree is known for quickly adapting and thriving in its new area. In fact, since the tree can successfully naturalize itself so well, it’s even considered an invasive plant in particular countries like Fiji. Characterized by its umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches. While in bloom, the suar tree grows delicate, light-pink flowers with edible seeds that enrich the soil when they fall.

Suar Wood

One of the most durable hardwood, this is strong and sturdy, making it extremely suitable for furniture and construction. The huge trunk size, usually up to 2m in diameter, makes a wonderful design when made into a low coffee table or other furniture. The fine bands of grains in a rich shade of dark brown add some subtle patterns without overwhelming the natural beauty of the wood.

The Suar is a very common shade tree in the sustainable forest and it is characterised by the big umbrella-shaped canopy.  The Suar wood which we employed in making our products are from fallen trunks and those trees being removed for housing development or highway construction projects.  Otherwise, these tress would have to be cleared and burnt down by the locals.  All the wood used in our production has been approved by the Ministry of Forestry and certified to be eco-friendly.

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All our materials come from legal resources.
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